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I never asked for this!

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Remember this phrase for Deus Ex fans? Well now you know.


The Facebook guys somehow have tons of time trying to create a video for every user in the 2016 year of review. However, it's a waste of time for them. Thanks Facebook, but I never asked for this. It's better if users themselves create their own and if they want to.


It would have been better if Facebook sent me an electronic Christmas card instead in which they never did before. :mellow::mellow::mellow:


I wonder if any of guys here are also receiving that.


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I don't use Facebook so that would be a no. I don't get that ****.

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The FB thing is not from them to you, it's for you to send to your friends. This is 'my' year in review. It's just a basic template.

I watched mine, it wasn't interesting.

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