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Got some more big box ofc is command & conquer stuff :D
Red Alert 1 big box sealed.
Command & Conquer Commemorative edition sealed (A small hole in the back)
Tiberian sun from brasil sealed.
Red Alert Counterstike Asia only sealed.
Red Alert 1 t-shirt rare !
Tiberian sun ads from a magazine :) Cool to have :)







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I got these(bought) from Daniel Miller. He worked for Westwood Studio and was a concept artist!
These statues are one of the kind. He did finish these and make them coloured.
The others I have are not coloured and just grey, they did ship out some of them to E3,
CO and some others.

So for me these mean a lot to my Command & Conquer collection! I'm just so happy!

These statues are from Command & Conquer series and the Pirates of Skull cove!

Tanya - Command & Conquer
Havoc - Command & Conquer

Katarina - Pirates of Skull cove
Cpt Hawke -Pirates of Skull cove





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