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Happy New Year - Welcome to 2017

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Here in New Zealand its the 1st of January, its 2017, its time for a fresh start. That's how we see things here at CNCNZ.com. We can look back on 2016 as very disappointing year in C&C Community. Another year in which EA stay silent about the franchise's future. Sure we had some rumours, but they were far fetched at best. We have tried to keep things happening around here but it has been difficult in recent months. As life changes so does our site. We like to keep our regular features like Throwback Thursday and Music Monday rolling out each week but we have skipped the odd one here and there. There are no plans to retire these features though, we are strategizing behind the scenes to make sure these get done in a timely fashion. We are also discussing ideas for new features and new content.


Like I always do each New Year, a quick list of credits to thank those who have helped with CNCNZ.com in the past year.

  • Big thanks to Plokite_Wolf, who rejoined our team during the year. He took over Throwback Thursday and kept the news updates flowing.
  • The rest of the CNCNZ.com Staff, our supporters, loyal visitors and forum members, as well as our friends from around the community who have contributed content and information for the site and forums throughout the year.
  • Another year of excellent support from our hosts, MyHost New Zealand.

So it's a Happy New Year from CNCNZ.com! Welcome to 2017!

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Happy new years!


It's sad that facebook and other social media are killing good old fashion message boards and communities. All the users are there and people don't cruise the internet as they used to

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