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TiberiumRim - A C&C Themed Mod for RimWorld

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Just before the end of 2016, a new Command & Conquer mod was released. Its a Command & Conquer themed mod for RimWorld, a construction and management simulation video game developed by Ludeon Studios. In TiberiumRim - It Comes From Space v1.1 the basic mineral Tiberium in its many forms and a way to use it is added to the game. There is a small back story to this mod.

Welcome back Commander.

We have information about Tiberium spreading through space.
Humanity was fighting with the strange substance for centuries on the long-forgotten planet earth.
Apparently the Scrin have started an invasive mission on using new planets to harvest their so called "Ichor" – and this Rimworld is in high risk of being the next target – so be prepared.

A Tiberium transport vessel has been shattered in space, spreading Tiberium rocks in all directions.
Observations prove the risk of infestation on this planet.

Your current objectives:

  • Get control over a colony and keep it alive
  • Protect it from any Tiberium dangers
  • If present - isolate any Tiberium occurrence ASAP
  • Learn about the strange substance
  • Use it to your advantage

Save this RimWorld and get the mineral under control.
We are counting on you.


Sounds like a good match if you're a C&C fan and RimWorld player. You can get more information and the download link right here.

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For a moment I thought it would be a Pacific Rim mod for C&C3 :P


Avatars vs Kaiju!

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For a moment I thought it would be a Pacific Rim mod for C&C3 :P


Avatars vs Kaiju!


Someone get to it pls

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Guest Stevie_K

Damn it... Now I have to buy yet another game.

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