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Red Alert: A Path Beyond Released

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Just a few days ago, W3D Hub made version of Red Alert: A Path Beyond available for download. This all important update fixes the recent "rubber-banding" troubles that have been so troubling. There are other fixes and changes also included, as detailed below.



  • NetUpdateRate is now set correctly, this should annihilate your rubberbanding problems!
  • Being scoped in when the map ends no longer causes you to stay scoped on the next map.
  • Added engine.cfg override for monitor refresh rate.
  • Added armour bar to HUD target box for any unit that has armour. This should reduce the confusion about inconsistencies in weapon damage.


  • Infantry armour is now more effective against "weak" explosive splash damage, reducing health damage by 62.5% instead of 50%, and the armour itself is completely immune to this damage. Effectiveness of "strong" explosives (artillery, V2, C4 and hand grenades) is unchanged.


  • Light Tank, Medium Tank, Heavy Tank, Mammoth Tank can no longer carry passengers.


  • Purchase terminal zones now have physical collision, so it is no longer possible to get so close to them that you are unable to use them.
  • Fixed shape of Construction Yard roof VIS sector, should prevent some oddities when camera is over the "arch".
  • Construction Yard second floor has grates beneath the PCTs, so even if the PT zones fail, you should not fall through them when buying stuff.
  • Added blocker behind MCV in non-tunnel version of Construction Yard basement, so it is no longer possible to get stuck behind it.
  • Sub Pen now has mesh fences on the ends of the piers, making it harder for Allied infantry to disembark directly into the pen (but still possible) and harder to fall into the water while trying to defend against navy as an RPG/Volkov.
  • Naval Yard now uses the same mesh fencing as the Sub Pen.
  • Collision plane on Allied Barracks basement stairway now properly connects to the lower floor; this means that infantry descending the stairs will no longer "fall" and get accuracy penalties as a result.


  • Added Kaskins' Imperial Age bullet tracers with his permission, to replace the outdated and broken emitter-based tracers.
  • Weather particles no longer fall through water; this also allows us to add weather back to naval maps that previously had it at some point.



  • Added light snowfall.
  • Fixed water brightness.
  • Water now fades at shorelines.


  • Fixed water brightness.
  • EVA now reminds you about the cannon side objective every so often.
  • Cannons now repair at half the previous rate and take 25% more damage from Hinds.
  • Cannons now use the same radar marker as base defenses.
  • Added collision planes to the landing pads, so ground vehicles should not get stuck on them and infantry walking onto them should not "fall".
  • Fixed a bad texture blend on the hills behind Soviet base.


  • Added snowfall.
  • Parts of the Soviet Radar Dome are no longer untargetable.

You can update to the latest version using the W3D Hub Launcher.

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Yes the rubber-banding troubles were definitely all very troubling. Glad it's fixed now, devs worked hard on it. :)

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