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Dragon age inquisition has tiberium or is it just me?

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After looking at the image, I say that Bioware was flirting with C&C material.

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I could understand playing this game, seeing that and going, "Oh, tiberium!"


However, the similarities lie merely in the fact that it is green and a crystal.


What separates crystals is their mineral make up and lattice structure. Since these are being compared visually, their minerals are irrelevant. The structure however, hugely separate this thing from tiberium.




Tiberium has smooth sides, rigid angles, and ends in sharp points (or, in TW, looks like quartz). The DA:I crystal structure resembles a plant; it is more lumpy and has rounded angles.


Crystals are a very common object in games, and green is commonly used for things associated with both aliens and magic.


I think it is a superficial similarity and not-statistically unlikely coincidence.

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Completely different as nmenth said, the red lyrium in the background has much more similarities in structure than tiberium (it also mutates people)... still no tiberium.

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