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New 2935 skirmish map pack(s) from C&C3/KW, RA3 and C&C4

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Yes, the person who used to upload and gave away map packs is back again. ;)

I used to upload them in GameFront before that site went bankrupt and was eventually saved by the guys of Moddb. Rather than uploading them again into GameFront, I decided to upload them to MediaFire for now with Google Drive and Mega links coming soon.

1025 C&C3 maps: http://www.mediafire.com/file/q15qn33bax6vnqq/1025C%26C3SkirmishMaps.rar

1035 KW maps: http://www.mediafire.com/file/rgbxnfeq8wiw2ul/1035KWSkirmishMaps.rar

665 RA3 maps: http://www.mediafire.com/file/tqlkk4ys81lekeb/665RA3SkirmishMaps.rar

210 C&C4 maps: http://www.mediafire.com/file/wa93pqil1it75z5/210C%26C4SkirmishMaps.rar

Credits to all the people who made those amazing maps.

However if there are some people who wants to be mentioned credit in a readme file will have to be edited/re-uploaded in those compressed files... again.

Edited by PurpleGaga27

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Damn nice, there is my first map (Tournament B Redux) in there, searched for it for ages.

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Thank you, but the KW link leads to RA3 maps. How complete are these mappacks approx. in % from the pool of all public maps ever available? Does it also contain AOD/TD maps and all moddb maps? Also note that you can sometimes find some rare and custom mappacks posted on the steam community hubs.

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I fixed the KW skirmish map pack link.


Only the RA3 and C&C4 map packs were updated from the ones from the defunct "cnc-maps.com". I haven't updated C&C3 and KW skirmish maps since 2012. So far neither map packs are complete but I say 80-90% of the maps from every recent C&C game map pack are complete.

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