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C&C Renegade's 15th Anniversary

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Just a couple of days ago, on the 26th of February, marked the 15th anniversary of Command & Conquer Renegade. Way back in 2002 Westwood Studios finally released Command & Conquer Renegade after a long and delayed build up. There was much excitement in the C&C community as we were actually getting our first taste of a first person shooter set in the Command & Conquer universe. Reality set in when most fans discovered the single player was rather average, but the real gem of the game was the multiplayer mode. Something we came to know simply as "C&C Mode". Nothing matched it at the time, it was different. It was fast paced. It truly was unrivalled gameplay. The idea was simple, yet so effective. Two sides, one resource, first one to destroy the enemies base wins. The focus was on points and the amount of damage you dished out, rather than straight out kills. So it really meant nothing if you had 2 kills or 20 kills in a game. I remember spending many long hours into the night in game after game, it was kind of addictive. Tanking rushing, Engineer rushing, deploying your Ion or Nuke beacons, chaotic infantry skirmishes and more.... Renegade had it all! Hard to believe all of that was 15 years ago.


The good news you can still play the classic Renegade online but the best way in these modern times is get to Renegade X. Renegade's unmatched, unrivalled gameplay lives on. Renegade X is free to download and free to play. It is made by C&C fans for C&C fans and considered a tribute to Westwood Studios' original creation. Visit the Renegade X site more information and to download the game. Share your favourite Renegade memories with us in this new topic.Thanks to W3D Hub for the news image.

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After all these years, I still haven't played vanilla Renegade in multiplayer, to my own shame :P


I loved what they were going for with it, but it appears that the repeated delays were mostly in vain, as the singleplayer had poor level design and AI that almost ruined a good idea. The fundamental multiplayer gameplay that was mostly unedited in ex-BHP's/W3D Hub's standalone mods and in Renegade-X just shows what the game could have been if it were polished just a tad more.

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How old do I feel now...

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