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Help with scripted multiplayer map

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Hello hello, if anyone is still remaining in this dying community.

I've decided to return and change some things with my old 2v2 scripted map, by not only adding a few new things but also implementing AI.

The first difficulty I've encountered is that despite having assigned AIs some prebuilt buildings, the buildings always appear to be given to Neutral instead. This issue does not appear with players, however, for when there are 4 players they all start with their assigned buildings. This is the same for units, they are all neutral as well.

The second difficulty I encountered was when adding a new structure, a TechReinforcementPad that gives the science "Sneak attack" to the owner. However if you capture this structure as USA or China then you will not be able to use this unless you have a GLA command center, is there a workaround for this? There's also the AnthraxFacility the GLA gets to use in their base that should give both GLA players the Anthrax bomb science, but since you always start as China I can't really test if this is working or not.

I'm also open if anyone has any critique to the map in case of balancing issues, textures, scripts etc.

Thanks for the help! Map attached below.


Operation Radioactive Snow dev test3.rar

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I found out the answer by digging through a lot of posts. To assign buildings to an AI in a multiplayer setting you need to spawn the buildings on waypoints that are already assigned to the AI faction. Transferring them directly does not work as the buildings will be sold and ticking the unsellable option will not work. I decided to ditch the idea of giving a sneak attack to people who own the tower, it seems like there is no workaround for that.

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