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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (Spoilers)

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Gben    20

Saw this on the weekend.

Loved the idea of the opening credits sequence. Loved it. 

Didn't know Kurt Russel was in it, until I saw his name in the credits and in the first scene of the movie. He gets a free pass for any movie he's in, because of "Big trouble in little China". But I still barked out a laugh when I saw his name - groovy!

Loved the Yondo/Ego/Starlord story... well done.

But yet again bored and disappointed  with the Nebula character. I'm a huge DW fan, so I love the actor, but the character is pathetic as a villain. I was *especially* disappointed that she made her great big monologue about her daddy issues... and immediately didn't exit the movie. Every other scene was unnecessary and did not add to the character.

And, bah, the fact that everyone had a reasonable happy ending with no unresolved villain hatching their revenge irritates me. The post credit scene doesn't count, it needed a character in the movie do to that. Again, Nebula's monologue should have been her final scene.

Where Avengers II was too heavy handed with it's world building, GOTGV2 was too light.

But when it all gets too much, I just think of baby Groot and smile. Adorable!

7/10 for me.

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