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Player Unknown's Battlegrounds

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So who's played this? 

I really love it! It's tense, fun, and really fecking infuriating at times. But I'm really liking this new Battle Royale Genre. (Thank You Hunger Games!)

I do think once a AAA developer takes the chance, they'll wipe the floor with this and the appeal will skyrocket further. It'll probably be milked to within an inch of its life like all the MOBA style clones. But this is a genre I can get behind. There's lots of potential here for someone to really go nuts with it.

For all those who can't afford it.. Here's a Free-to-Play knock off that's not too bad

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Guest Stevie_K

Heard a lot about it from friends. Watched a couple of hours as my colleague played it after work.
I dig the battle royale format, but I'm not going to buy it before they introduce a first person only mode.

I've always had a problem with the advantages 3'rd person camera can give you in multiplayer shooters.
Some like it, I just don't.

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I don't buy early access unless I really want it. I'll stick to Call of Duty for my slaughtering needs.

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