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We've fallen a bit behind on the news in the C&C community, so it's time to catch up.

  • C&C Communications Center has relaunched on Sunday with a completely new look and a vast archive of data and images from Westwood's RTS titles currently spanning from the venerable Dune II to Tiberian Sun and Firestorm. Much of the material you can see there hasn't been seen publicly in many years, and some of it... ever!
  • Over the past week, the Twisted Insurrection team introduced new tracks for the upcoming version of the mod: Radioactivity (including some lyrics from Kraftwerk's song of the same name), W.I.R.E.S., Tungsten Souls, and The Surveyors. The first three tracks were composed by Swirekster, while The Surveyors is by OmegaBolt.
  • OpenRA was updated to stable version 20170527, which fixes a few graphical issues and adds the "Fast" game speed.
  • The Generals 2 mod for Red Alert 3 is showing further progress with the new APA tank models and textures.
  • Red Alert: A Path Beyond was patched to version, introducing lots of balance changes, map tweaks, touched-up graphics for the Mammoth Tank, new Strela-2 model for the Grenadier and more.

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Guys, this is a great initiative with Communication Center! Do you need help? For years I collected various graphic content and information about pre-C&C3 games, so I can share some things. However, all this is somehow already laid out somewhere on the fan sites, but still it would be nice to upload a common archive of all the concept arts, renders and other from favorite games.

On the C&C ComCenter site I could not find contact information, so I hope that this message will be read by the administration.

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