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Adding SSL to the forums and main site.

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I'm currently in the process of adding SSL to the forums and main site.  What does this mean?

Once the security certificates are enabled, you will have the option to browse CNCNZ and the forums in a secure environment.  This means that logging in to the forums will be safer, and any traffic you send between your computer and this site will be encrypted.

Ok, so what does it mean in simple terms?

Links will switch from http:// to https://, and your traffic will be encrypted.


This change will take some time, I'll be starting with the forums then working on the main site.  There shouldn't really be any downtime, but expect images and stuff to break from time to time, while I fix all the little issues.  Once I fix the issues with the images, https:// will become required to browse the site.

Also, those of you using https:// and getting a "This connection is not secure" message, it's because a significant portion of the images on this site are linked in an insecure manner, so I have to fix all of that.

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Update 1: Switching the forums to SSL failed in the sense that it broke practically everything.  I'll work on fixing that, in the mean time, SSL is only required for logging in.

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