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Cutscene translations to spanish for Firestorm (READY)

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Hi people, im starting today to translate all videos for Tiberian Sun Firestorm. I have the original videos in english and german (german and spanish are my native languages). So i will translate the original english movies to spanish with the help of the german videos to understand better the storyline and do a not direct word to word translation because if i do that it will be a little bit weird to understand.The german translation is different from the english one but they are telling the same story and my english is not perfect. Today i was testing first how to convert the movies and its easy but it takes about 1 hour per minute for the video conversion. I have much time from now to august so i think that it will be ready in about 2 weeks.

I first checked other projects on this but i see that nobody has translated them. If someone has started the job and has a few videos translated it will help if you can post the subtitle files.

I have take too the transcription files from a forum user to read the english story, i think the user who has posted the files was Plokito_Wolf or something hehe.

This translations are only for the video/cutscenes.

Will post my progresions every day.


Regards !!!


30/06/2017: First 2 GDI Videos fully translated and tested ingame, and done 3 translations more pending the video compression.

01/07/2017: First 5 GDI Videos ready and in-game tested, the other 5 GDI videos are translated pending video compression.

02/07/2017: All GDI Videos have been done and tested ingame. All is working fine...Ive translated the Menu for Tiberian sun with

the help of photoshop as an extra.Tutorials.ini with missions debriefing and in game text has been translated also.

1 day break and i will continue with the NOD Videos.

04/07/2017: All GDI Videos done, First 4 Nod Videos done, Menu and ingame debriefing translated

05/07/2017: All GDI and NOD videos ready, i will make some final tests and begin the upload, should be ready in the next 20-30 hours

06/07/2017: Uploaded Movies03 for the CD version, it contains only the translated movies for Firestorm.It doesnt work for the download version but you can extract all 20 movies and add them to the Movies01 file from the downloaded free version.Uploaded too a full package without videos for the download version that translates the full TS game and the full FS expansion. Menus for TS and FS is translated with this package and debriefing text for FS is translated too. This is for the download version (the patched 2.03), dont know if it works for the cd version. The same package will be uploaded with the movies files.

07/07/2017: Uploaded the full package with movies. This translates all Tiberian Sun and Firestorm into spanish (text,menu,videos,voices except a few voices in firestorm). This package doesnt need anything else to translate ts and fs to spanish.


Movies03 file with all translated Firestorm videos to spanish (only for cd version): Download Link

Full Package without videos, this translates the full TS and FS game including the menus but without movie files: Download Link

Full Package with videos, same as above but incluiding the Movies01 and Movies02 (this translates the full TS and FS game, doesnt need anything else): Download Link

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I think i will have the videos translated in less than 1 week, im almost done with de GDI Movies in only 2-3 days and the Nod ones have less duration than the GDI movies.

The translated movies are 10% bigger than the original ones. Its because of the vqa conversion, ive set it to 16000 blocks (looks a little bit better than 4000) but less quality than the originals.There is some quality loss but not much. VQA is the worst thing i have see in video compressions hehe.

Ive planned to upload the full movie pack (TS+FS) for the free downloadable version (MOVIES01 & MOVIES02) and for those that have the cd version i will upload a MOVIES03 only containing the FS clips but it doesnt work for the free EA version.Other option is to upload the vqa movies in a rar package to include them with xcc mixer in your version.

I will keep the first post updated.

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