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Does anyone know how to get cheats to work in the campaign? There's this one area in Evolution of Evil that involves an empty Stealth Tank, some powerups, and an endless wave of transports with Black Hand troopers that I can't seem to get past. I tried the "-console cheatcc" thingamajig with the shortcut, but that didn't work. I played OK through the campaign, but this gauntlet really takes the patience out of me.

Thanks in advance.

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Guest Rabbit

As far as I know, aside from modding the game, there only "cheat" option is editing the vehicles you are driving, there are no console cheats.  There might also be a console command to give you every gun, but I'm probably thinking of a different game.

The developers of the C&C games never really supported cheats, even singleplayer cheats.  Your best bet will be to find a third party program that can help you, but I don't think I can make any recommendations without inadvertently recommending something that could help you cheat in multiplayer.

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There is the likely unintentionally left in developer's teleport cheat. Open the map, hold ctrl and click anywhere to instantly be moved to that position. Potentially game breaking if you skip over mission check points.

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I remember playing through Ren with nothing but the Pistol (apart from the few things you had to blow up with the C4)

Good times, good times.

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