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Could you can add My site To Community Sites Section?

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Hello Everyone of CNCNZ.com

I came from South Korea and often visits CNCNZ.com for news, information etc.

I'm Always think that C&C and Fan Site is dying.

but CNCNZ.com is endure for Very Long Time.


I Linked Many C&C Site to My C&C Site Red2.net.


Could you can add my site Red2.net To Community Sites Section?

If you can, I glad too much.

Thanks for read my article.

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Hey, red2cracker, welcome to CNCNZ.com!

I've added your site to the sidebar. Refresh the page if it doesn't appear.

Love your YouTube video archive, by the way.

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It's actually nice to see some lifeblood still pumping around the community. Regardless how big or small, it's certainly appreciated Red2.

There's not much left these days. But if EA get their heads out of their ass eventually, it'll be the community that's endured the storm that'll be the ones to lead the charge into the next generation.

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