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Wolfenstein II "The New Colossus" updates

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They've released some demos this week so there is 20+ minutes of new footage but this scene caught my attention even more. Apparently there's an option to enable auto-pickup of weapons and ammunition, but I prefer the manual pickup most of the time, as it helps the player remember where the weapons are. Eventually I'll need to get a better PC or a console so I can play these cool games on my View Sonic VX 2778, but not this year and probably not next year either because of my priorities. Oh well I guess the games will still be here in a few years, no rush ;)

I'll update this thread (via editing) with more links as news is released over the next few months. This game looks damn good. Plus, Tropico 6 maahhhhhhhnnnnnnnn I really need something to play games on! Finally 2 titles that I give a damn about :)

Update, 5th of September 2017:

"Trust In Brother" trailer

Blitzmensch - Nazi Bat Man trailer :D

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7 hours ago, jeffnz said:

Apparently there's an option to enable auto-pickup of weapons and ammunition

So they added a feature that Wolfenstein 3D had when it came out 25 years ago? Congratulations.

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The point is that the past two games required the player to mash a "pick up item button" to collect stuff (no option to make it automatic). This meant that you had to look around: sometimes items such as gold were under a table and concealed by a drape, or hidden in a tight gap.

If I was playing Wolfenstein II then I would play in manual mode, so that I'd memorise the locations of useful weapons. Then I'd change to auto if I was lazy. In The New Order there was something satisfying about locating a box of Marksman Rifle ammo. It only comes in boxes of 10 bullets but it was always cool to find some and think "aha!" then hit the action button to collect. It's a small detail though. Wolfenstein is known for story rather than 'mechanics'.

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They could have reduced the radius in which stuff is picked up. Having to hammer 'E' all the time adds nothing and is just annoying. It makes sense in games such as CoD or Max Payne 3, where you can carry only two or three weapons. In those games, picking a weapon is a tactical choice and you don't want to switch weapons all the time unintentionally. Here, it's just busywork.


Wolfenstein is known for story rather than 'mechanics'.

New Order maybe, and possibly Wolfenstein 2009. No other Wolfenstein game had any focus on story. That said, a story focus is no excuse for bad mechanics, especially if it's something that all previous entries did right.

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Yes, the radius could lead to silly physical phenomenon. That reminds me ... In Halo 1 the master chief can pick up a weapon that is flying across the room! 

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