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My gift to you for still being alive

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Hey guys, I know I haven't been all that active for the past years, so I decided to make it up to you with a shitty paint I drew up in 10 min. But above all, I want to say I appreciate you keeping C&C, my favorite game series, alive. Nothing else, you guys are the best <3


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Wow, and a photo of your monitor instead of a screenshot too. That's some high quality content there. :thumbsup:

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Guest Rabbit

Hold up.

Why is the Tesla Coil and the Allied Turret attacking the Apocalypse Tank?

I call shenanigans.

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The Tesla coil looks like a dancing stick figure man in a spin shake motion, while the tank's cannons look as if they're its mouth going :V

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While I like it, I think it's even better with Paint 3D in Win10.

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