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Which classic PC game(s) is in your pile of shame?

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The original Resident Evil. I don't think there's anything good about it. The story is basic, the acting is terrible, the controls and fixed camera angles are horrific and make most of the game's difficulty. The changed inventory boxes (different in the Japanese version) and the ink ribbon save system only add more frustration. The puzzles are okay. The bad acting is good for the occasional laugh, but I'm not going to play a game for six hours to get twenty minutes of cheesy dialogue.

I won't even call the game pioneering. Large parts of it are lifted straight from Alone in the Dark and Capcom's own Sweet Home, and it's also predated by Clock Tower, a superior game in every regard.

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What, specifically, is the "pile of shame"? An upfront definition would have been nice. I gather it is games owned, but one is ashamed to admit they've never beaten?

There are a great many games I own and have never beaten, as I generally get bored with them before reaching the end, and if I return to them later, I prefer to start over from the beginning rather than load up a stale save (rinse and repeat). The list of games I actually have beaten would likely be shorter. However, I am not ashamed to admit it about any of them.

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Pile of shame has always meant unfinished games to me, usually meaning it got too hard and you gave up.

I have a big pile of unfinished games from lack of time, but like Nmenth says that's often more about boredom. For instance I started the original Mass Effect, and I don't think I got past the first 10-15mins. It looks like a game I should like, but I didn't. Of course on PC, my badly specd machine doesn't affect interest.

Currently playing through the SP campaign of TitanFall 2 on xbone... what great fun. I absolutely SUCK at parkour though.

If there was a PC entry to be made here, it would have to be Elite. This is lack of time, but I also struggled with controls. Bought it on xbone and got MUCH further, until I actually bot bored.

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