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I need a recommendation for a good mouse

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I've had the same ASUS mouse for 2+ years and it's probably gonna break soon, that's if it doesn't break my hand first. There's a lot of stuff that I could buy and most of it is rubbish. I want a mouse that has good posture for my ring finger and pinky finger. On the current mouse, those fingers are teetering on the edge, causing me to rebalance them with an injury-inducing posture. I don't like those stupid small mouses.

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That really depends.

Are you left or right handed? What is your grip style (palm/claw/fingertip)? What kind of software are you using the most (do you need precision or fast movement)?

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Below sounds like me. If I put my palm on the mouse then my fingertips go over the buttons and onto the desk. D'oh! So my palm is on the desk rather than the mouse. This isn't even a small mouse, it's what I'd call a regular size. I'm glad you mentioned style because now I realise that I've got the wrong thing. I'd buy an ergonomic mouse but I couldn't play a game with one, so I'll opt for one that's comfortable but which has a typical design.



The Fingertip Grip

Many gamers claim that the fingertip grip provides the most precision and speed because there is no added deadweight from resting your palm on the mouse. This method is similar to the claw grip, but you only use your fingertips to manipulate the mouse and click the buttons. Since your palm does not touch the mouse at all, everything must be controlled with the fingers. While this does lead to more control and faster reactions, it is also the most fatiguing and will require even more practice.


I don't need precision or fast movement, I need something that won't wreck my shoulder :P

Palm grip is what I should go for. Does anyone have a recommendation? It'd have to be a decent size.

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