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The nine best card games (other than HearthStone and Gwent)

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Article: http://www.pcgamer.com/the-9-best-digital-card-games-that-arent-hearthstone/

Plants vs Zombies Heroes would make the list (but too bad because it's not a PC game yet), but the earning of gems/credits to earn more cards is far better than Hearthstone.

I know Hearthstone is a good card game but it isn't the first digital card game to open in the gaming market that can change the way people play cards. YugiOh, Pokemon and Magic The Gathering were also trading card games too and they lasted longer than the ones right now, and they also have their digital versions on the PC. Gwent (the Witcher card game) is now a beta and is the only F2P game from CD Projekt.

To this day, YGOPRO > all card games... all due to unlimited gameplay possibilities without having the need to earn credits or do activities to buy cards.

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