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How do i extract models from RA3 and Uprising?

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Hello and this is for a friend of mine who is sort of an artist.

and i like to know on how to extract the models from Red Alert 3 and Uprising?

Worldbuilder isn't the best for Viewing models accurately like the Naval form of the Giga Fortress.

i tried to use cc3tools to extract the assets of the BIG file.

https://multiplayerforums.com/files/file/1779-cc3toolszip/ (This is a secondary link The original doesn't seem to work)

it sorta works but not the W3D files that i think are the models. can't be save with the binviewer. any steps on how to extract the models  from StaticStream.big and view them? (i don't know were Uprising store it's models because i don't have Uprising if it still going to be StaticStream.big that keeps the remaining models.)


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Three units (Archer Maiden, Steel Ronin and Mortar Cycle) were officially released in an art pack that you can get here.


But here's the procedure that goes for Tiberium Wars, Kane's Wrath, Red Alert 3, Uprising and Tiberian Twilight, as far as I'm aware.


You'll need the following tools:

The files you're looking for are in StaticStream.big. Using your BIG editor of choice, extract all contents of the BIG file to one folder, let's call it folder A. Close your BIG editor and open C&C Asset Extractor, through which you need to open static.manifest from folder A. When it loads up, apply the following filters to the search form, which will give you different data types: "Texture", "W3DAnimation", "W3DCollisionBox", "W3DContainer", "W3DHierarchy", "W3DMesh". Once you reach the data you wish to extract, left-click on it in the lower-left box, go to the dropdown menus on the top and choose Edit -> Extract Sources..., then choose a different folder to extract them to, let's say folder B. When you're done with all the data types I mentioned, I believe you'll have all the necessary model data in folder B.

There's a W3X Viewer that comes bundled with the RA3 Mod SDK, so make sure you install that as well if you want to take a closer look at the models.

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The W3X Viewer doesn't seem to work? it sets to Taskkill when i load the model and crashes with the problem Clr20r3. or do i need to patch RA3 to 1.12? 

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