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Cnc3 / Cnc4 units to Generals ZH and vice versa

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As gmax (RenX) does not support the w3x plugin, what other way can be used to bring cnc3 or cnc4 units to generals ZH?? 

It is possible, may be not exactly, but there are mods in which cnc3 units were there in ZH. (GDI predator, Mammoth). Similarly, how can generals units be converted to cnc3?

Please guide or provide link to a possible tutorial, if any.

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Really disappointed that didn't get a single comment, after a long search at different forums, found this discussion, Rebelmoon is a good modeller and has done some conversions from cnc3 to ZH. As per him below is the case:


SharpShark Wrote: Rebelmoon i have a question please. is there is a way to extract cnc3 files like w3d , texures & sounds by a program because i really want to get the cnc3 infantries to put them into zero hour.

Rebelmoon:Yes & no. You can extract the models and textures...BUT...you need a $50 program to convert the models to a format that can be imported by gmax & max. Even then, some meshes are jumbled up and, due to the conversion process, are not selectable by element. Everything is there, just one on top of the other. So it's a pain to separate into individual elements so they can be reassembled into the proper order.

The textures, however, are in dds format, no problem there.

The audio is currently unavailable. I can extract sounds, but it is in an unkown format that noone has deciphered so far. Alot of what's in the big files is still encrypted/compressed in some way and is unreadable as of yet. It will probably have to wait until the SDK is released, which, hopefully, might be soon.

The programs I use are:

OS Big Editor .06 Beta (supports CnC3 big files)
BinOpener (for the manifest files in the big files)
3D Object Converter 4.015 (convert w3dm models to 3ds)
3ds Max 8 sp3
W3d Viewer

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There are some models already converted in 3d archieve. You may use them.  Other than that I don't know how to do it.

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Actually the cnc3 models that were converted to w3d were Predator, Mammoth and Orca which i found on another forum and have also seen them in some mods, but the download links were too old, like 2005, hence all the links were dead. My query was actually more concerned with infantry.

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