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Vote: Enabling Generals/ZH full subtitle support

Y/N? Enhance Generals/ZH full subtitle support?  

  1. 1. Should feature of this kind happen?

    • Ofc could allow for better level of interaction
    • I like the idea. Go for it
    • Game has voiceovers. U retarded much?
    • Piss of man, I have no interest in modding my Generals

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Let's talk for Generals series immersion.


These past weekend' days a thought emerged in my mind. As usual. While I was finishing Generals standard GLA mission 8 into China. I said myself what if the chances are high we can gather group of passionate guys behind the series and develop a completely overhauled subtitle system for the game, we then can incorporate with mods like Generals Extended (http://www.moddb.com/mods/generals-enhanced), et cetera, for the ultimate campaign experience.


Simplistic mods that do a lot on ''cleaning'' the aesthetics and gameplay feature tech, so as to not touch anything else on the original game.

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Why make a poll if, one, you don't know how to do it yet if it's even possible, and two, it's something as unimportant?

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Why so pessimistic Plokite? I had a close look on that already, for the record it doesn't seem rewriting the SAGE engine from scratch. Plus, if we got the opportunity why not. C&C Generals/Zero Hour usually allows for far harder things to be done, the engine itself is pretty versatile to modding.


Ah the poll? You know... is for collecting different thoughts, it does not certainly mean nothing. Bottom line, this is meant to be a discussion.

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