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GDI Mission select freeze

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Hi all I have gotten the game working perfectly except that once the GDI mission select screen zooms in on the selected portion of europe the game freezes completely. any fixes?

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Ugh. That happens. The problem is that there is no user interaction at all in these scenes, and if you give the game user input at that point (key press, mouse click), there's no response of any kind from the game, and Windows perceives that as the game having locked up (since it's literally 'not responding' to user input), while it really isn't locked up at all, but just merrily chugging along with its animation playing. This supposed program freeze causes Window to stop bothering to update the game's visual output. Normally the audio keeps running, though.

You could mess around with compatibility modes and see if anything fixes it, but I'm not sure if there's much that helps. Just make sure not to click or press keys until the animation finishes, and if it still locks up, just wait until it responds again. It should unlock when it asks to select the next mission area.

By the way, not sure why you completely edited away your original topic, but that does raise the question, do you have cnc-ddraw enabled? Because that's one of the things that usually fixes this if I remember correctly.

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