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Early Black Friday Giveaway: The canceled Generals 2 F2P game

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Last year I released a rare KW gem that was never released publicly, the original KW xml pack and that was before WrathEd got released.

Well it's been over four years ever since Generals 2 was canceled and was later spawned as a mod for Zero Hour, C&C3 and RA3 and as well as a working Indie under the Unity 3D Engine.

For a limited time, I am releasing this rare special release publicly. This is for viewing purposes only and it can never be run, even through Origin. When EA shut down Victory Games in 2013, they also shut down the servers that this game ran on. Unless there's a miracle of a huge professional tweak/hack to make that game run through C&C Online (and not EA's servers) by a masterful wizard of the Frostbite Engine 3 and all restrictions removed without having EA knowing, this game can never run ever again. Also there has yet to be tools to open CAS files and its maps. Ever since Frostbite Engine 2, there are too few modding tools for any Frostbite game to ever exist.

Download: https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1LNEOjfjvJqAEMG-ExIQj5G5I_s3LBka-&export=download

And don't ask me how I obtained it, because the truth was I was never in the beta and I only wanted the outside content.

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If only build on SAGE 3 instead that Frostbite junk, who cares anymore right? Creative freedom has long gone from anything that has the EA logo on it. No surprise if publishers start to ban this things. Thanks anyway, good to have a backup somewhere.

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This has a exactly identical "Info_Win32_final.BuildSettings" as the one I downloaded from a Reddit topic early last year, of that I'm sure is the only version that was released to the public...

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