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Community Patch Spotlight: Kane's Wrath v1.02+

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PATCH v1.02+
by CrazyGDIFan123`

Here at CNCNZ.com, we value community contributions, particularly those which improve existing games. Thus, we support unofficial patches by the community.

The Kane's Wrath 1.02+ patch was made by the CrazyGDIFan123` (a.k.a. CGF123), with map contributions by Predatore, Zypherbullet, and Technique. It is distributed in the form of map packs that have the changes (seen below) applied, and run on top of the regular 1.02 version to enable quick switching back and forth without having to leave the game. In CNCNZ.com game nights, this will be the selected patch for multiplayer (unless mods are used).

An important warning: these maps do not transfer in the multiplayer lobby, meaning that all players need to download and install the map packs manually. Also, mixing different versions (e.g. Release 5 map pack 1 with Release 6 map pack 2) will cause compatibility issues when playing or observing.

While a patch form that affects singleplayer and all multiplayer maps exists, it is mainly unsupported and the latest build seem to be broken. Either way, do not apply this patch at the same time as the map packs.

Below are the links to the latest build available at GameReplays (no other variations are permitted on C&C:Online), as well as the full changelog (verbatim).

Download links:

  • Release 12d (9 Oct 2017) - Map pack 1 - 1v1 maps
  • Release 12d (9 Oct 2017) - Map pack 2 - 2v2 maps
  • Release 12d (9 Oct 2017) - Map pack 3 - 3v3, 4v4, and Control Zone maps




  • XP bug/inconsistencies fixed for various units.
  • Fixed MoK Cyborg EMP bugs.
  • Fixed R17 Tripod charged reserves bug.
  • Phase Field timer no longer freezes when the Phased unit is EMP'd.
  • Fixed Shadow glider/attack bugs.
  • Shadow/Specter bombard beacon placement and cursor radius bug fixed. Specter bombarding no longer kills friendly beacons.
  • Mechapede segment mixing bugs fixed. Mechapedes can now use rallypoints.
  • Fixed disproportionate money gained from Hexapod killing a Mechapede segment.
  • Fixed BH/MoK Fanatics dealing lower damage than vNod.
  • Fixed Stormrider damage vs certain subfaction units (Pitbulls, APCs, MRTs, Wolverines, Bikes, Stealth Tanks, Gunwalkers, Seekers) to match that vs respective vanilla faction units. [25% damage decrease vs these subfaction units]
  • Subfaction heavy infantry (T59/R17 Shocktroopers, Zoneraiders, BH Blackhands, Tibtroopers, ZOCOM/MoK Commando) no longer take full damage from Cloaking Field.
  • Fixed bug exploit with Epic units being affected by Prodigy AoE Mind Control.
  • Scrin/R17 MCVs can now be teleported by Mastermind/Prodigy.
  • Ion Storms no longer prevent placing of buildings underneath. Units teleported via Mastermind to an Ion Storm are no longer killed.
  • Subfactions' base defences can no longer be mind-controlled by MM/Prodigy.
  • Snipers no longer attack vehicles and structures.
  • Orca Sensor Pods attached to friendly vehicles are no longer removed by friendly drones.
  • Fixed target priorities for Hammerheads, Seekers, Devastators, Fanatics.
  • ZT/ZR jumpjet ability now uses Commando/Blinkpack style cursor. Jumpjetting ZT/ZR no longer crushable by T3 units. Scannerpacks ungarrisoned range bug fixed.
  • Corrupters, Flame and Sonic weapons can now kill friendly husks via force-fire.
  • ZOCOM Shatterer Overload Beam wave speed increased to match regular wave.
  • Ravager Tiberium Agitation now also affects vScrin Devourers and Corrupters.
  • Veteran Snipers can now spot for Juggernauts from within transports.
  • Fixed slower harvesting rate for ZOCOM/ST Harvesters.
  • Fixed health inconsistencies with ZOCOM/ST Ox transport.
  • Fixed invincible controllable Ox transport exploit.
  • Fixed reload sounds for Hardpoints upgraded GDI Orca/Firehawk and ZOrca.
  • Fixed Tib Vein Detonation money deduction bug.
  • Fixed bug with Redeemer getting stuck when attempting to garrison it with a lone Confessor or Disciple from an upgraded squad.
  • MoK Avatar husks now correctly spawn MoK Avatars. MoK Bikes can now be commandeered by Avatars.
  • ZOCOM Conyard now properly spawns ZOCOM Riflemen and Engineer when sold.
  • Fixed ordering of upgrade buttons on ZOCOM and ST Command Posts to match vGDI.
  • Heroic Tungsten Slingshots now have red shell tracers. Tungsten impact particles no longer appear at lowest graphic detail settings.
  • Delays on several abilities reduced: Jumpjets, Rig/MCV packup, Flametank/Mantis preattack delay, Orca Sensor Pod deploy delay.
  • Fixed Tib Spike collision box to prevent shoot-through bug.
  • Slight tweaks to some unit movement behaviors for better response (smaller turn radii, slightly quicker acceleration/braking times).
  • New visual effects for Railgun Accelerators, fixed Kane Edition 'Pink' Juggernaut texture bug.

MAP CHANGES/FIXES (available in Map Packs only)

  • Fixed inconsistent build and passable terrain on Unsound Investment.
  • Slightly re-positioned start fields and nearby props on Tournament Dustbowl for more fairness between the two player positions.
  • Reworked Subways on Battle for Middle Egypt.



  • Repair Drones can now repair allied units in team games.


GDI Global

  • Stealth detection range for Sensor Pods attached to vehicles reduced 30%
  • Sniper Team deals 2x damage to Black Hand Disciples (making them one shot them)

Steel Talons

  • MRT now has targeting cursor, infantry evacuation button and more responsive repair drone. Movement speed normalized with that of APC. Repair radius increased as per notes
  • Titan deals 50% extra damage vs Mechapedes
  • Railgun Accelerators cooldown reduced 210s to 60s. No longer affects enemies
  • EMP Grenades upgrade available at Command Center (requires Tech Center), cost/upgrade time $1000/45 seconds


Nod Global

  • Shadow Team Strike support power now spawns Shadows with a 5 sec delay
  • Reckoner speed reduced 120 to 105, GUN armour vulnerability reduced 55% to 40%
  • Tiberium Vein damage per second reduced 100 to 60, cost reduced $4000 to $3500
  • Catalyst Missile leaves GDI/Nod harvesters heavily damaged (cannot one shot kill from full health)

Black Hand

  • Confessor pre-upgrade gun range reduced 325 to 300 (matches Charged Particle upgrade range)
  • Drafted Confessor squads have 4 members (previously 6)
  • Fixed Confessors not detecting stealth, fixed Confessor XP


  • Awakened squad/member ranges tweaked for better consistency. Overall attack range increased 20%.

Scrin Global

  • Seeker GRENADE armour vulnerability reduced 50% to 40%
  • Gunwalker/Shardwalkers deal 3x bonus vs Cultists


  • Disintegrator GUN armor vulnerability increased 75% to 85%
  • Prodigy health reduced 20%


  • Mutant Marauders range increased 20%, attack damage increased 10%. Cannon armor resistance doubled (normalised with other infantry). Now stealthed while moving in Tiberium.
  • Mutant Hovels health increased 50%, repair rate increased 4x. Mutant spawn/exit time removed.
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Installed the map packs/update. Now the game wont run. Windows 10 (ugh) using hard disks (because I'm old school).


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Have you patched the game to 1.02 first and could you run it before?

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The games run fine from the discs. I've been having issues trying to get patches to work. despite being the only account on the computer and therefore the only administrator, even with all of the security turned off it still will not let me run the patch executables downloadable from here or other trusted command and conquer sources. I've been wondering if I could download the games from steam and then manually install the patch files so I can actually run the games properly and not having to rely on a steam connection. I'm also debating just phoning it in and buying them and playing them through steam.


Update: Got the patched version from Steam. Ran great until I attempted to install the above mappacks. Corrupted launcher, had to fix files (via Steams file validation utility)

Lost ALL of my saves/intel/skirmish stats etc

Let's just say that I'm... having fun. Honestly don't know what I'm doing wrong or what it happening at this point with maps/updates. Think I'm going to keep it at 1.02 with stock maps and call it a day (unless someone posts something helpful lol)

Edited by Cygnus X-1

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