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DBolical's Mod of the Year and Indie of the Year 2017 Awards - Editors' Choice

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Albeit belated, the results are in for the Editors' Choice part of this year's Mod of the Year and Indie of the Year awards. There were no C&C projects mentioned in the Indie of the Year, and only one mod was mentioned in the Mod of the Year picks - it's Tiberium Secrets (for Tiberium Wars) with the Continuing Legacy Award.

Both award events have two more important dates scheduled. On December 27th, we will know the winners of the Players' Choice pick in the Unreleased category, and on the 29th, in the Released category.

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Oh, the humanity. :doh: Many people who disagreed how that Tiberium Secrets mod went and somehow with an unbelievable miracle from the Top 100 mods to this, it gets an award.

Well done, Honor Games LLC (the team composed of General Jist and others).

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