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New C&C public server for modders and mappers

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The user Naféasonto help us by making public C&C server for modders and mappers.
The server can be used to download most of C&C's modding tools in case the sources are unavaliable for whatever reason,
Or can be used to upload things (such as tools, mods, and maps) to it with Naféasonto or one of the admins permissions

Side notes:
1. Naféasonto gave me his permission to post it here so there's no credit issues or whatsoever.

2. If I posted the thread at the wrong category please move it to the correct one.

3. I recommand that you will pin that thread or server's address somewhere so that everyone could have easy access to it.

Server's address:


Username is: cncfiles
no password



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It is for me.

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