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RA2 Origin portingkit on MAC - internet games screen freezes after 5mins

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I have no clue how to solve this. Can't find any clear mac-specific support and am not great at stuff like this. Can anyone help?

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It demens to crash some in single play as well, but not at all as consistently and not in the same way.

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Does it generate any crash logs? Is it a consistent crash time? If you have the resources, it might be worth just setting up an XP virtual machine to run the game. You don't need 3D for it (2D works fine). I do that on Windows 8/10 so I don't need to fight the installers and it plays just fine being a relatively simple game.

What do you use to make Red Alert 2 run on Mac? It might just not be compatible with the emulation layer. I'm assuming an emulation layer anyway.

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