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How Works a Landing Pad

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Hi there it's me again, this is probably my last question of that modding session:

I've been searching in the GDIAirTower and GDIAirSupport the coding of the landing pads limited to 4 per building without success.

I would like to understand how that coding works and if it is possible to increase the max amounts of planes an air building can support by only changing a number.

Thanks for the help.

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Thats controlled by ParkingPlaceBehavior:


Lets just say this uses leftoever codes from CnC Generals, so the number of possible landing slots is NumRows * NumCols. That also defines which bones the aircraft will look for while landing.

However, I tried to add more landing pads once and as far as I can tell, EA never added support for more than 4 landing pads to the game.

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On 2/8/2018 at 12:13 PM, Stygs said:

 EA never added support for more than 4 landing pads to the game.

So Runway2Parking1 and Runway2Parking2

don't work, one would assume those are a left over from generals?

So you would have:

Runway0Parking0 Runway0Parking1 Runway0Parking2

Runway1Parking0 Runway1Parking1 Runway1Parking2

Runway2Parking0 Runway2Parking1 Runway2Parking2

All the shit they left in the schematics, you would assume they would't bother removing/renaming those hardcoded bones?


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