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Hunt Down The Freeman is the worst HL spinoff game ever?

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Well IDK why did those developers managed to release this retail indie game with numerous flaws after several delays: https://www.pcgamer.com/why-people-are-furious-about-that-hunt-down-the-freeman-game-on-steam/

From so many negative reviews I am seeing, all I could say is this game is:
A ripoff.
Has a terrible flawed plot.
Not Opposing Force 2.

Not Half-Life 3 material.

I thought the defunct HL2 mod Opposing Force 2 had mentioned a plot that was supposed to be hunting down the real Freeman, other than the original Opposing Force's story?

Hunt Down The Freeman is probably the worst HL spinoff game ever IMO.

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Still looks better than the average Unity Engine Steam rubbish game.

That said, is this authorised by Valve i.e. is "Freeman" here HL Freeman? Or is this just another fan mod, but with a ridiculous price tag?

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No, this fan mod is not authorized (but somehow greenlit) by Valve and yes, the price tag is ridiculous for an unpolished game. Some people are seeing content being ripped off (without giving credit/permission) from other HL/HL2 mods including Black Mesa.

Freeman is the HL Freeman, but people criticized that Gordon Freeman wasn't in the game and he should have been put in there.

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