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Quick tutorial: Extracting sounds

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Some people just want sounds or music from Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath extracted. So here's the way you need to do it, short and simple. Should also apply to Red Alert 3, Uprising, and Tiberian Twilight.

If you have Kane's Wrath/Uprising, don't bother extracting files from the base game, all is contained in the expansions.

Tools you'll need:

  • C&C Asset Extractor by Bibber
  • any BIG editor (I recommend OS BIG Editor because it doesn't derp as soon as it sees a remotely large file).


  1. In your BIG editor, go to your TW/KW directory, then to Core\1.0\GlobalStream.big (general audio and music) or [Language]Audio\1.0\[Language]Audio.big (voiceovers specific to a language)
  2. Extract all the files to a folder of your choosing (careful not to mix it up with anything else). Your BIG editor may go unresponsive for a few minutes until everything's extracted.
  3. Open C&C Asset Extractor, browse to the folder you created for this data and open data\global_common.manifest (for GlobalStream) or data\global_[language].manifest (for voiceovers).
  4. In the lower-left box of the Asset Extractor, tick the "Full Assets Only" option. If done correctly, you should be getting quite a large list of files.
  5. Click on any entry with the "AudioFile" prefix. Preview it if you wish, then use Edit -> Extract Sources... to any location of your choosing. In that location, you now have a WAV and an XML file.

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Might as well pin a topic like this, seeing it is a recurring question about the one of the basics of modding.

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