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New Sounds and Weapons (solved)

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Hi guys, Its me once again. I am making good progress with my mod so far. Yet, I am stuck with two things, new weapons and sounds.

Please guide if there are tutorials or threads about adding weapons and sounds. By adding weapons I do not mean the editing of the weapon.xml, thats too easy and I know it. I mean adding new effects, particles, projectiles, colors etc to the new weapons I have made.

Second thing is how do I integrate new sound files to the new units I have added.

Help is always appreciated.

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For sound there is a tutorial for that in the TW SDK documentation.

for the visual weapon effects look into the fxlist(gdi/nod/alien).xml and fxlist.xml and fxparticlesystem.xml files and work form the existing examples. Exmaples for projectiles can be found with the respective factions prop folders and in the xml files found in there.

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