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I have a parachute model, but what do i code so that the Armageddon bomber paradrops tanks or soldiers (aka add paratroopers)?

Do I also need to use specific KindOf(s)?


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Posted (edited)

Fallout mod also had parachutes too iirc,

There are few ways to do it (at least from my small knowledge), one of them is to attach and animated the parachute to the tank model in max and set the Armageddon ocl to spawn the tanks While settings the tank to show this animation and parachute sub object when it first spawn (the OCL can also have code that let them be idle for x time),

Or you can make a tank model with parachute that when it's animation ended it dies and spawn new tank model (sound like a lot of work for nothing though)

Other option may be to somehow use the transport code for the parachute and just play with the timing so the Armageddon will spawn transport (the parachute) which will use the landing ability automatically when it spawn and then die after x time.


I don't know if there's any better code for parachutes in KW or TW and can't recall if there is something similar like that in BFME which we can try....

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Yes, I remember the parachutes from the Fallout mod

How did C&C Generals create paradrop tanks and paratroopers? Is there any reusable code/method from it?

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