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News on Rivals and the C&C Community - Mid/Late August 2018

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Let us now catch up with what's been going on on both the official and community fronts while we were inactive.


Command & Conquer: Rivals, despite still very much being in the so-called "pre-alpha" stage, is now nominally at build 1.0. Redwood Studios have added new social features (one of them called Command & Conquer TV for some reason), two new units (GDI Juggernaut and Nod Giga-Cannon), and just five days ago, Brazil became the third country (alongside the United States and Canada) to receive access to the game on Android. The French CnCSaga attended the recently finished gamescom event with a business pass, and managed to take pictures of the Rivals stand on the first, second, and third days. For some reason, it appears that the Rivals stand was not available to those without a full business pass.

Now on to what the community has been up to:

  • Our good friend @Nyerguds has released his latest tool - the Engie File Converter. Originally intended for converting files from the Nintendo 64 version of Command & Conquer, this tool now supports some of the usual C&C file formats like SHP and WSA, and is able to optimize their compression.
  • W3D Hub has published an update on the development of Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising, including screenshots of several structures, but more importantly, a prolonged showcase of the new interiors and recently added features in the game in the 16-minute video shown above. They've also shown a render of the upcoming MiG-29 unit for Red Alert: A Path Beyond.
  • OpenRA has a new playtest version - 20180825. It improves the experimental multiplayer account system, improves support for installing through copies of The Ultimate Collection that have community patches applied, fixes AI Harvester control, fixes AppImage compatibility with Linux Mint and some other fixes and optimizations.
  • MrTimm (known to older community members as Taxikiller) now streams his in-development Tiberium Wars mods every Thursday at 22:00 CEST on his Twitch channel.
  • Finally, on our side, we have removed the C&C Radio link on the front page. It was too much effort to maintain using its admittedly rudimentary technology for the indeed few people who ever tuned into it.

That's it for now. Starting this week, we will resume standard news coverage as we seek it out or the information comes to us. Thank you for your patience during the move.

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