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I haven't been around much, and for anyone who is interested in what I've been up to, I just published some content that some of you here might find interesting. My post at the W3D Hub community forum explains it pretty well, so feel free to check that out if you're curious!


As you can see in that thread and on the site itself, one of the starting videos is a bit more related to this community as well (the TS video), so that might be a good example of what to expect. Let me know your thoughts and I hope this has been of some value to you! Thanks and enjoy! :)

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An interesting project, I must say. Not something I've seen examined outside Extra Credits.

Just gave a quick watch, but I'd like to dissect some of the videos when I get some more time to give you proper feedback, but you have a good start. I wonder if you'll actually be making games as your site's title would imply...

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19 minutes ago, Plokite_Wolf said:

 I wonder if you'll actually be making games as your site's title would imply...

Check the About and Projects tabs on the main site if you're curious.

Current focus is on making more videos, as what you see currently is just starter content. Fun times ahead! I appreciate any feedback you can give me as well. I'm very new to recording myself and presenting such things, so I have a lot to learn. I'm improving fast though!

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4 hours ago, DabbingKermit said:

Nice, keep it up!

Thanks! I will!

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2019 has been interesting, and I've finally freed myself enough to really get back into publishing content.
I've been working on something in the background, but videos are what I want to focus on now that I can.
Here's the latest upload that touches upon some connection subject matter to think about:

I'm still struggling a bit with relaxing in front of a camera, which shows. But I've taken steps to ensure
I improve a bit faster as well. It'll be interesting to see the changes as I "fix the bugs in my system".
And sorry about the image and audio quality, I'm working with what equipment I have available.

DISCORD: https://discord.gg/FwNPAeK
(easy updates and a place to hang out)

Let me know your thoughts if anyone finds this type of content interesting. Thanks!

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I've published another video recently. It's not really about C&C, but considering my background and preferences you can find some C&C content sprinkled in there, as you can already tell from the video thumbnail.

If anyone is interested in this type of content or would like to support my work - feel free to give me any feedback, join the community (Facebook / Discord), and/or leave some likes/comments on the videos themselves up on YouTube. It really helps a lot and I appreciate every bit of your support! So thank you!

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