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My last Black Friday giveaway: the unreleased C&C tracks

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For the last time ever, I am giving away the last of the C&C Black Friday materials, which are the unreleased C&C tracks. Most of you probably may have heard of them. After that I am out of rare C&C material.

1) Remember the theme of C&C Battlecast Primetime from 2007-2010? Originally composed by Ed Cerrato, I did the re-recording of all loops from all BCPT episodes and edited them together to create this edited version of it. I gave that track away to the people of Community Battlecast Primetime that lasted from 2011 to until Sybert sort of retired. Oh the memories.
Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Y66SiqyRRO0f6v93QGsbhW04xrjOx-Gp

2) When Tony Dickenson (under his former artist name Prince of Darkness) released a free download of 2008's Hell March to the Apocalypse, it had two versions uploaded in YouTube back then until the third and fourth versions pretty much replaced the first two with less orchestral instrumentation. The fourth version was done by the band of Tiberian Sons. Now looking for the original 2008 versions in YouTube mostly have dissappeared except the first version (and the orchestral version itself), and you cannot download the 2008 original from Tony's website anymore. The second version is my favorite where it was performed with two electric guitar riffs and the orchestra. Despite of that, I decided to re-release this gem track (the second version) but it had been re-edited and extended in a way just the way it should have been heard.
Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zwRDITEovExD0AzIm5CfH83Mkdm5kxgk

3) Edgar Batnya (aka NewMessageN00b in Moddb) composed several versions of Devil March that was specifically for the C&C3 mod C&C Renovatio. He did release the first version publicly in Moddb/FileFront back then, but when GameFront took over the download to that song track was lost. He also used to have released several versions of that in his SoundClick artist page (GCThree) that had been since deleted. He then retired composing music in 2011. I had permissions from him back then to put some of his music into my C&C3 mods, and now on behalf of him, I decided to re-release the lost Devil March tracks where there are four versions of it.
Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-C13r7EDQEXkRDThPb5o3S9HOTf5yB1D

4) As one last surprise, I always wanted to re-compose something out of C&C if I had the time. This was just a sample of it. Other than Frank Klepacki, Chicajo and the Renegade-X version of that track, no one else in the C&C community has re-attempted this. A retrowave version of this is something I have been dreaming for too long, unless I have a fast PC with 80s synthwave instruments other than having my sound/record editor(s). This sample was thought to be used in a C&C Tacitus Revolution trailer that I had planned for but I have no ability and the time to create trailer videos.
Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MH87-E8SyMBu5mpeHd8V_s6qexyskJHc

And that's pretty much it from me.

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