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Should there have been a character called Enoch

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hello, in genesis it states that cain had a son named enoch, his first born. given that a lot of cnc refrences are biblical was it a missed oppertunity of westwood/ea/ea pacific to include a character named enoch? could enoch have been the brotherhood's tactical ai instead of the names cabal or legion? could a character enoch have been nod's usurper like seth or marion? please give me your feed back, i'd love to hear your opinions thanks, also this post was directed for the tiberium series in general but i could find a good category so i decided to post it here, sorry if i slipped up

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Biblical genealogies span a ridiculous number of generations. Why stop at Cain's son when there is a whole family tree?

I think the Biblical inspirations were kept pretty minor, and it may be better that way. It left C&C fans guessing as to Kane's true origins.

While a son figure may have offered some interesting alternative stories, I think it would have drastically changed C&C as we know it. And since Kane is perfect as he is, any change from that is bound to have been worse.

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