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Future Nmenth's Research Labs

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Future Nmenth's Research Lab articles will contain multiple technologies to basically "wrap up" whatever I haven't covered yet until I run out of ideas. The following is a list of all the article ideas I have remaining. Some of these I am certain I will be covering eventually, others may be rejected even on the second pass.

  • Kirovs
  • Bio Reactor
  • Cloning
  • Combat animals (dolphin, dog, bear, squid)
  • Gatling guns
  • Orbital weapons
  • Siege Choppers
  • Vacuum Imploder
  • Stratospheric Transport
  • SHRINK Beam
  • Particle Cannon
  • Cybernetics
  • Stealth
  • Genetic manipulation

If there is any technology I have not yet covered, is not on the list, and you think should be covered, offer your suggestions. I will add them all to list unless there is a specific reason they can't be covered.

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Personnel-carried miniguns.

You know.

'Minigunners' ^_^

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Well, real Miniguns are a specific type of Gatling gun, which is already on the list. Weapons held by "Minigunners" in TD and ZH were about the most inconsistent things in the entire series.

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I'm very interesed in disc form hand grenades as used by the disc throwers. Would the disc be a good for for a hand grenade?

Also, is it practical to have  a infantry unit dedicated to throwing discs? That back pack must weight tons. However as you can see in the image below disc throwers also carries rifles:

e: Is it easier to aim a disc than a conventional grenade? is it good to bounce them?

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Nmenth's Research Lab isn't being written anymore, but disc grenades were covered in the Grenades article.

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