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C&C Rivals Soundtrack by Austin Wintory has been released

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The Command & Conquer: Rivals soundtrack, which was made by Austin Wintory and is distributed by Lakeshore Records, has just been released on December 7th.



  1. Rekindled Rivalry - 2:08
  2. The Spearpoint - 3:46
  3. Launch Codes - 3:12
  4. Deployment - 2:04
  5. Seas of Blood and Tiberium - 5:10

You can either listen to it for free, or download it at the following locations:

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Only five tracks? That's another new low for C&C. I did hear some new music when I was playing Rivals back then, never knew who actually did it.

For those interested in the YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLa2l-ZDAlv5HULpcsDumI-E4KSdAVoV5d


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It's not much. But keep in mind this is a small-ish game, and it's on mobile as well, so they have to keep the filesize reasonable. Thanks for the YouTube link, just added it to the post :)

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