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Tiberian Sun - editing explosion radius (TibEd)

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So I'm pretty satisfied with the capabilities of TibEd. Although I'm still learning and there are a lot of things I don't quite know about.

I stumbled upon a 'problem' though: So I want to make an explosion radius larger from a weapon, for instance let's say the impact explosion of a Orca Bomber shell.

I found in the -Warheads- section there is this factor 'Spread' to be modified. No matter how large the number I fill in this parameter, the effect is always the same. the explosion radius still is exactly the same. So my question is, where can I modify a weapons or warheads explosion radius (and I mean the damage radius).

I have a few other questions as well: 1) I made a base defence (artillery, so it lobs its shells), but nothing happens when I adjust the speed of the projectile (weapon speed), the speed from the projectile is afaik still the same. I want to make it go slower, so that there's a big time delay between firing and impact.

and last question 2) Is there any way to make my own explosion (animation) in Tiberian Sun?

Thanks in advance, TheBlackHandElite

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