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Getting a C&C Generals-style plane crash

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I was wondering: how could I make destroyed firehawks crash in a similar style to jets from C&C Generals?

Seeing that "JetSlowDeathBehavior" is no longer available, I tried giving the GDIFireHawk GameObject or GDIFireHawkDebris, a "FireWeaponWhenDead" module...

but Even though the explosion FX appears, it doesn't do damage on impact.

Does anyone know what could be wrong?


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The 'SlowDeath' module accepts a 'Weapon' element (along with FX, OCL, Sound, and DieMuxData). Each of these elements have a 'Type' attribute, where you define the phase of the objects death that the element works at.

  <xs:simpleType name="SlowDeathPhaseType">
    <xs:restriction base="xs:string" >
      <xs:enumeration value="INITIAL" />
      <xs:enumeration value="MIDPOINT" />
      <xs:enumeration value="FINAL" />
      <xs:enumeration value="HIT_GROUND" />

So all you would have to do is to add a 'Weapon' element to the (aircraft) 'GameObject' 'SlowDeath' module, and set the 'Type' attribute to 'HIT_GROUND'.

Inside the 'Weapon' element. you would have another element called 'Weapon' that would contain the name of the weapon that will cause the damage.

<Weapon Type="HIT_GROUND">
<!--This is from Red Alert History-->

Here is an example of a full aircraft death module that does damage when it crashes:

<SlowDeath id="ModuleTag_Death" SinkDelay="0s" SinkRate="4.5" DestructionDelay="2.25s">
<Weapon Type="HIT_GROUND">
 <Sound Type="INITIAL" List="NOD_Generic_VoiceDieMS"/>
<DieMuxData DeathTypes="ALL">


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I got the damage to work now, thanks


One more thing,

I noticed that when a firehawk is shot down, the OCL debris firehawk always faces towards the right regardless of the direction the jet was flying in beforehand. What settings do I use (for presumably the "OCL_GDIFireHawkDebris") to make the debris to turn and face the correct direction instead?

EDIT: Just add OrientToFlightPath="True" to physics

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