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Devils Line

Where to find TiberiumCracks01.dds, TiberiumCrystal01.dds, TibFields01.dds?

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Can someone help me and tell me where to find these files in C&C 3 TW MOD SDK: TiberiumCracks01.dds, TiberiumCrystal01.dds, TibFields01.dds?

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Okay, maybe no one wants to respond to me for whatever reason, which is okay.

However, in case no one knows the answer to this, then let me ask a different question. How to change color and value of tiberium (example: red tiberium, brings in 2100 worth of credits)?

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There are no art files that come with the Mod SDK
If you want the files you will need to extract them from the Static Stream

In regards to the second post, just make another texture based on the green tiberium and change the hue

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