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Missile projectile stuff

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I'm trying to make "NODMilitantRocketWeaponProjectile" use the old C&C generals Missile behavoir, to act more like a RPG, but the rockets always disappear shortly after they're fired, and I can't figure out why.

Can anyone help me out with this?

<MissileUpdate id="0xB5CB00FF" FirstPercentIndent="20%" SecondPercentIndent="90%" GroundHitFX="FX_NODMissileMiss" FlightPathAdjustDistPerSecond="100" CurveFlattenMinDist="300" SidewaysDrift="10" OrientToFlightPath="True" MaxDistanceToTravel="600" MaxDistanceReachedFX="" IgnitionDelay="0.5s" IgnitionFX="FX_NODMilitantMissileFire" ExhaustTemplate="OrcaMissileTrail" DetonateCallsKill="True" FuelLifetime="0s" DetonateOnNoFuel="false">


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Nevermind, I figured it out; NODMilitantRocketWeaponProjectile with MissileUpdate just can't target/force-fire the ground

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