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I having trouble with my XCC MIX Editor when ever i make a .mix for my mod it ends up looking like this . Which is breaking my mod i think. i have Tried making the file as expand11.mix Ecache11.mix and a Elocal11.mix  each and separated  shp files from vxls and hva's and im still getting the same issue . i have tried compacting the file as tiberian sun and red alert 2 with out encypting it and it always seems to do this. as a result  i think some of the Hva and Vxl, annd Shp file are not being read by the .art and .rules which is causing crashing in game. any advice or ideas how to fix this from happening ?


  i Am using XCC MIX Editor on windows 10 with win 7 compatibility with it run as admin as well if that helps . i have also added the mix files and rules and art if any one wants to look into those to see if i have got something wrong there.   Any help would be appreciated .  I am not planing on publishing the mod i am just making it for fun and solo play


mix files.rar

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If you aren't planning on publishing the mod, you don't even need a .mix, you can just leave the files loose in your directory. A .mix would only make it cleaner.

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