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How to let longrange weapon firing but still approaching to target?

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Supposing a unit who has a longrange weapon, and it will approach the target to let weapon fire as usual(its VisionRange is longer than weapon range).

Now I need the unit still be approaching to the target until it can get in touch with( or contact with? Don't mind my grammar) it.

Once I tried to add a very short range dummy weapon and attempt it will run to target, but it stopped when the longrange weapon can open fire, never go further.


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There's another problem which if be solved may helpful to the first issue, that's how to truely remake ZH's overlord modularization upgrade.

Now most of CC3/KW mod which try to realize Overlord sub turret upgrade function is in fact using unit's own weapon and model, by using the upgrade to show the hidden sub obj. and active the sub weapon. The ZH's overlord modularization upgrade is adding independent sub unit like spawned slave in KW such as repairing drone and invader fighter, but I always can't realize a totally same turret.

If Overlord upgrade could be realized, the first issue can be solved, too. I can using sub turret with longrange and parent unit has shortrange weapon.


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I don't get the problem. But you can look at the scorpion tank (weapon/turret upgrade), mammoth tank(turret on a turret) and avatar (unit upgrades)

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I may repeat my problem to let others understood.

Now the KW/TW original set is if a unit contains 2 weapons, it will just move to the longer range weapon's range and stop to fire, so the shorter range weapon is unused.

I need a kind of weapon or unit set, that when the unit contains two different range weapons, 1 for long weapon range, the other for short range, and though target is get in longrange weapon, it will still run to short one's range, so both 2 weapons could fire normally.


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On 28/05/2019 at 10:14 PM, commanderKW said:

Try swapping the weapon order

Could you explain it more clearly? Is SWAPPING_TO_WEAPONSET_1/2/3 in modelstate? And is any codes for example?

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