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Unedited Barracks Sargeant model?

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Hi folks.

In wanting to make a Beta Commando, (as the commando is based on the barracks Sargeant, for clarification look at the CUCommB and GBSentry textures, they're nearly identical, except the UV texture map is moved around for the Commando model) I was wondering if anyone knew of the existence of the original Barracks Sargeant model, as currently he's merged with the barracks with all his bones being part of the barracks skeleton.

Basically, I just need the commando with a face, his arms showing and no jet-pack ideally. :D

Any help tracking this down (if it exists) would be appreciated. Thanks guys. 

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It should be extractable from the game's files (may not even need to extract it),

But I dk if it will work with existing bones or if you will need to rebind them all though...

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@Nowaru the soldier on the barracks model is available in one of the artpacks as far as I remember.

so if you are planning to have a commando similar to Havoc from Renegade that is already done by some modder on moddb I saw they posted havoc in game picture but never released it.



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