Currently I have to choose between the extended DirectDraw options of the patch and ReShade (if you're unfamiliar, it's a post-processing tool by DLL injection, see To be more precise, the second ddraw.dll is actually from dgVoodoo 2 (, as it is a wrapper from Direct3D 5-7 to 11, and ReShade needs at least Direct3D 9 to work. Is there a way to load both ddraw.dll's? Or to get C&C to get wrapped up to D3D9 or higher another way, so I could skip dgVoodoo2? I have already tried renaming the second ddraw.dll to another standard DLL name that gets picked up by Windows, such as opengl32.dll or dsound.dll, but either the DLL doesn't get picked up or there is an error complaining about a mission hook in DDraw (other DLLs can mess with DirectDraw as well apparently). Windows 10 x64, installed from Origin, applied 1.06 rv3 (most recent), nothing else. Thanks