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20 Years of Tiberian Sun

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20 years ago, Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun was released in North America, 7 days after its international debut in Germany. It was the first Command & Conquer game which used an isometric view with voxels portraying vehicles, aircraft and certain turrets. While technologically more advanced than prior titles in the series, its development issues were showing. Nevertheless, its campaign had arguably unrivalled worldbuilding within the Command & Conquer franchise, taking a darker and gloomier direction for its lore and its unforgettable soundtrack. Even its cutscenes got higher-profile actors than before (Michael Biehn and James Earl Jones).

Even now, people still play and modify Tiberian Sun. It was released for free on 12 February 2010 with its Firestorm expansion, and thanks to our friends at CnCNet, it's accessible to install and play offline and online through their custom installers! Tell us your most memorable experiences in the game.

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Happy birthday, TS! You're a year younger than I am!

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TS was my first love.

Played the Nod campaign together with a friend and his brother. Three ten-year-olds  together infront of the computer. Didn't understand a word of english of course so that way I ended up believing Nod were the god guys why GDI was perceived as some evil empire of sorts. I was mighty surprised when I was told that it was infact GDI who were fighting the good fight.

I saved my allowance and eventually bought TS myself half a year later at reduced price. Played it to death. After that I found out about Tiberian Dawn, Red Alert and all the rest of it. Became a C&C junkie.

I guess that's why I had so strong feelings about Generals, Tiberium Wars and others that I perceived as crimes against true C&C.



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I took a listen to the TS soundtrack. For me it's Dusk Hour that captures the essence and feel of Tiberian Sun.

I love most of the tracks, especially Valves, but it's Dusk Hour that is true TS. At least for me.

e: Nevermind, others are as good at capturing that feeling. What Lurks for example. It's not just a great track it's Tiberian Sun. Also Mutants, Flurry, Infrared, Lone Trooper, Gloom and Approach!

Heck the whole soundtrack fits the game!

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